Bioaqua Brightening & Exfoliating Rice Gel Face Scrub

Bioaqua Brightening & Exfoliating Rice Gel Face Scrub

Bioaqua Brightening & Exfoliating Rice Gel Face Scrub


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Method of application:use the product 1-2 times a week.Apply gel-skating to the skin without makeup, it is important that it is dry.With gentle movements, the product is distributed over the face and left for two minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water along with the formed lumps.Use a skating rink before applying makeup products – creams, masks, serums to increase its effectiveness.

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Bioaqua Rice Brightening & Exfoliating Gel Facial Exfoliating Gel with rice extract 140 gdelicately removes dead skin cells without causing irritation and allergies, restores skin beauty, health, radiance.Extracts of citrus, aloe, hyaluronic acid contained in it are moisturizing and nourishing components that restore youth.The use of gel-rolling takes only two to three minutes in the evening or in the morning after washing 1-2 times a week.The product is applied to dry skin freed from makeup, distributed with soft movements, then washed off with the spools with water.If excessive dryness and tightness occurs, the scrub should be discontinued.Regular use of the product allows you to maintain skin in a clean and healthy state, to ensure the high efficiency of creams, masks, lotions and other cosmetics.


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